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Haining Mingshuai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED bulbs, LED filament bulbs, LED spotlight bulbs, miniature led bulbs (G4/G9), T8 LED tubes, flat panel LED downlig...

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  • Phone: 0086-573-87518302
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    No. 1189, Xiuchuan Road, Changan Town, Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Mingshuai Lighting is manufacturer of entry-level LED lighting products, including SMD LED bulbs, LED filament bulbs, LED spotlight bulbs, miniature led bulbs (G4/G9), T8 LED tubes, flat panel LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED flood lights and high power LED grow lights. Armed with the resources, knowledge and expertise to provide economical contract manufacturing solutions for virtually any standard LED lighting products, Mingshuai Lighting is well positioned to address the need for extremely price-competitive, large-scale production capabilities with shortest possible lead times.

With a passion for the highest level of cost optimization in an effort to accommodate the mass commercialization of energy efficient LED lights in the low-end markets, Mingshuai Lighting engineers and manufactures its products in-house to the last detail, including luminaire housings, LED printed circuit boards (PCBs), power electronics, thermal management systems, and optical components. Its experienced in-house engineers constantly evaluate the product design and manufacturing process and work on a systematic approach to ensure cost-effective solutions without sacrificing on quality and performance.

The general LED lighting industry is rapidly reaching the saturation point. Mingshuai Lighting is fully aware that success in this highly competitive market roots in an unrivalled vertical integration in its industry niches. The company will continue to invest in its manufacturing infrastructure to strengthen its competence in mass production of standard lighting products. Mingshuai Lighting proactively responds with extensive research and development, certification and qualification programs to bring to the market a steady flow of value-engineered products.
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